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Skateboard Game Short Preview

Tony Hawk is maybe the foremost renowned skater of all time to such associate extent that there square measure various games supported this character. If you’ve associate humanoid you’ll currently play this Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam, a very amusive title during which you actually will not hurt your knees while making an attempt to finish not possible mid-air stunts.

You’ll have to place all of your stunts in follow in several skate parks to indicate off your skills. that is the solely thanks to unlock new boards which will assist you to perform new tricks and new eventualities.

Billed as “The final skating Game,” athlete XL could be a game that came to my attention as I worn Steam searching for a well-designed, modern skateboard game. it has been an extended, while since the Skate and Tony Hawk series were at their heights, thus i have been desirous to digitally ollie and grind.

Upon researching Skate XL, I rediscovered Session, associate E3 game I wrote concerning in 2018. Like athlete XL, Session’s developers fancy the title as a true-to-sport expertise. i do not apprehend that dev team has issued the more true statement, however it warms the cockles of my heart to visualize skateboard games within the works.

My athlete XL and Session thirst comes from being a skating fan from roughly age ten, once I received a board from a lover UN agency grew uninterested in face planting onto Flatbush sidewalks. skating opened my world; that poor, key child did not come back from a house with the funds to buy a BMX, thus wood and wheels took Pine Tree State to neighborhoods that I had ne’er seen before. It additionally connected Pine Tree State to alternative kids in similar things, UN agency longed for the liberty and independence that skating brings. Plus, active for hours on finish to finally bunny skip sticks, rocks, and paseo cracks was ludicrously dope.

I rode the concrete waves till my early 30s, once 2 separate hyperextended knee incidents created Pine Tree State build the arduous call to relinquish up the life. The love, however, ne’er nonexistent. each currently and so, as i am walking around the big apple town, i am going to eyeball a barrier and picture grinding it. fortuitously, i am wise enough to not really try a rail slide. I even have video games for that.

In the timeframe that encompasses my 1st skate session to my last, I became keen about skateboard games. 720, Skate or Die, Street Boarders, and T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage let Pine Tree State hit half-pipes that I did not have access to in reality. however it had been the arcade-flavored Tony Hawk series, notably the third inject entry, that took my skateboard game like to consequent level.

Not solely did Tony Hawk’s professional athlete three have skilled skaters, like Tony Hawk, Kareem Campbell, and Steve Caballero, it introduced a revert system that created it attainable to mix vert combos and manuals for large moves within the skate-friendly environments. Plus, the sport had a banging audio recording that completely captured young energy, with tracks from Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Motorhead, The Ramones, hotdog Chili Peppers, Redman, and others.

skateboard game free download


  • Build your own career in the skating world supported by Tony Hawk.
  • Customize your skater.
  • Over 30 different skateboards are available.
  • 3 different disciplines: street, park, and vert.
  • 5 different regions where to complete your goals.
  • Take part in tournaments and defeat other professionals from all over the world.
  • Earn skate jam points and climb to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Playability optimized to recreate moves as faithful as possible.

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