Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide & Roadmap


Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy Guide! This will be a casual platinum without numerous limitations. The trophy list is outfitted towards 100% culmination and doesn’t implement any trouble related assignments. Play on whatever trouble you like. There is likewise free-wander after the story, nothing is missable. You can anticipate 358 Collectibles (245 Treasures, 90 Lucky Emblems, 23 Classic Kingdom Games) and furthermore 81 Adversaries (foe types), 9 Star Constellations, and a mess of cooking fixings and blend (making) materials. These numbers may sound overwhelming however you can clear a world with 50 collectibles in around 20 minutes when following the Collectible Guide since everything is so near one another and simple to reach. You can monitor everything in the gummi telephone which opens subsequent to beating the principal planet. Getting every one of the 358 Collectibles will just take 2 hours with the Kingdom Hearts 3 Collectible Guide.

Stage 1: Play through the Story on Any Difficulty, Defeat All kinds of Enemies you experience

The initial step is basic: simply appreciate the game on any trouble. The main thing to pay special mind to are the enemies (each one of a kind sort of foe). As you play through the story, don’t simply run past a large portion of the foes. Attempt to be exhaustive and execute one of each kind since it’s required for trophy “Know Thine Enemy”. There are no trouble related trophies and no in-game record for glad trouble (similar to the case in past games, however not this time). In the event that you need to play on glad, that is cool. On the off chance that you need to play on simple, that is cool as well. Pick what feels right – clearly the trophies are least demanding on the most reduced trouble. The main distinction is that on glad you need less Lucky Emblems to open the Secret Ending, however we need to discover them all in any case for a trophy.

The explanation Collectibles are excluded from Step 1 is on the grounds that you can’t get 100% in many universes on the first playthrough. That is on the grounds that a few zones are blocked off on the primary visit. In the wake of completing a world everything in it gets available. So on the off chance that you need, you can replay them immediately for the collectibles. You could likewise track with the Collectible Guide and get what you can, at that point do a snappy replay to get the ones you were unable to get to the first run through. Or on the other hand take care of business in Step 2. Up to you, anyway you incline toward it!

In the wake of seeing the game completion you’ll be inquired as to whether you need to spare the game. Pick Yes and make another manual spare. This one will have a brilliant crown symbol in your spares list. At the point when you reload this, it will return you before the last chief and you can continue investigating everything in free meander. Nothing is missable. Fight Portals open after the story, as well (which contains some new endgame foes).

Stage 2: Collectibles (Treasures, Lucky Emblems, Classic Kingdom Games, Constellations)

Since you have beaten the game you have full access to all universes. In the event that you didn’t replay universes for Collectibles as of now, right now is an ideal opportunity to do it.

Fortunes are just boxes that contain things. Fortunate Emblems are Mickey Mouse symbols that you should take photographs of. Great Kingdom Games are minigames contained inside Treasure Chests and found in some different spots. The Constellations are in space, where you fly around in your space transport. In the wake of getting all Classic Kingdom Games, make certain to get Highscores on them for trophy “Traditionally Trained”.

Stage 3: Minigame Trophies and Flantastic Seven

Handle the 4 Minigame-related trophies: Centurion, Festive Dancer, Shield Shredder, Datascraper. Likewise do the minigames of the Flantastic Seven, see trophy “Flanmeister” for their areas. They were inaccessible in the first playthrough however are presently opened. The hardest thing is the second Flash Tracer Course for Datascraper. Since you should slaughter heaps of foes rapidly, it’s dependent on an elevated level and great apparatus. In the event that you experience difficulty, defer this until you’re level 99.

Stage 4: Schwarzgeist Boss, Gummi Ship Treasures

A little segment of trophies centers around your Gummi Ship, the space transport you use to explore the cosmic systems between planets. So as to challenge the Schwarzgeist supervisor you need a boat with 200 Speed. The Schwarzgeist is in the Misty Stream Galaxy. He sits in a major green tornado at the focal point of the cosmic system. See trophy “Thermosphere”. Subsequent to crushing this manager you acquire the most remarkable boat “Brilliant Highwind” which will make getting 20 Treasures for the “Salvager” trophy a lot simpler. You acquire loves by overcoming gummi transport adversaries with A-Rank. The Golden Highwind transport is completely overwhelmed and ensures A-Ranks (in this way the fortunes) on all experiences.

Stage 5: Ingredients, Get ‘Brilliant’ in a wide range of Cuisine

You should discover all fixings (Cornucopia trophy) and use them to get ready dinners at the Bistro of Twilight Town. Get a “Brilliant” score on each kind of dish for trophy Master Chef.

Stage 6: Ultima Weapon and Synthesist Trophy

To open the Ultima Weapon Recipe you have to have discovered 58 kinds of union materials, which by this point you will have from all the fortunes. The dubious part in making it is that you need 7 Orichalcum+ which are the hardest things to get in the game. Allude to trophy Ultima Weapon. You should likewise integrate each novel thing for trophy Synthesist. This requires a great deal of materials which you ought to have from treasures, however they are additionally dropped by foes and from pulverizing space rocks with the gummi transport.

Stage 7: Level 99 and Mop-Up

Chances are you’re as of now level 99 at this point, however on the off chance that not you can granulate out the levels in Battle Gates. The one in Twilight Town at the Mansion quick travel point is great for cultivating XP and can be rehashed limitlessly (gives you around 20,000 XP every moment). On the off chance that you have some other trophies left, go mop them up now. The main thing left might be the second Flash Tracer Course which is trying on lower levels. At level 99 it will be a lot simpler to do.


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