About Rarbg  


Rarbg is a famous website for torrent files and links which allow a peer to peer file sharing like other torrent websites. Rarbg uses the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing. In 2016 Rarbg was ranked the 280th in the list of the websites by Alexa rank.

The website nearly had nearly around 300k users per day. The website was closed in the initial year that was 2008 for one week due to the pressure imposed by legal authorities. The website is easy to use and allows the user to download nearly everything. Rarbg has a different type of content available on it.

Like you can download software, movies and many more things from Rarbg. The website has a different section for the different types of content for the ease of the user. The section on the website is to view all, movies, TV shows, music, etc. Also, Rarbg provides a trailer of movies and catalog for searching for movies and TV shows saving the time of the people.

Rarbg provides the list of top 10 most downloaded torrent files so that users can easily locate the trending content on the website. The website also allows the user to create an account on it and save its information however currently the registration is closed.

The torrent file can easily download you just have to first download any torrent downloader like Bit torrent or Folx. Now after downloading it you just have to paste the torrent magnet link in the downloader for torrent files you are using after that press ok.

The file will start downloading in countries in which Rarbg is banned by the government the user should use Vpn to protect that IP address and then use it. With VPN the blocked website will be fully available to the user. Some of the countries in which the Rarbg are unavailable are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, and India.

The people living in these countries are advised to use VPN or proxy link to open Rarbg. This website is a hub for downloading torrent files and magnet links. The torrents are timely available and the magnet links on this website usually have a good number of seeders which allows timely download of the required file. Next time if your problem finding a game, movie or TV series, etc Rarbg is the place where you can find all this.

Rarbg Reddit

As in some countries, Rarbg is unavailable this is the reason that some people are not able to find Rarbg. So the posts are generally about people asking that is the website is down or working. For such a user, it is advised that they should use the third party to reach the website like a VPN or proxy.

This is another user complaining something similar that all torrent sites are working on his laptop. But Rarbg is showing a notice by the government. This is due to the same reason as the country from which the user is trying to access Rarbg has banned this website. So when he opens the link the notice of the government appears.

In reply to this post, people recommended this user to use a credible VPN so that his IP address is hidden and can easily access Rarbg from his laptop. The third-party network allows the security which protects users from landing into a lawsuit.

This user is angry because the website is not fully functional. He is challenging the functionality of the website. He is not experiencing the fully functional website with the proxy too. The user is frustrated with the service of the website.

Rarbg Twitter

Seems like Rarbg does not promote its Twitter account. The user name of Rarbg on twitter is Rarbg_. The account has 335 following and 148 tweets. The twitter account of Rarbg is currently not as active as his last post was in May 2016.

The tweets on the account of Rarbg are mostly about the news when the torrent of the movie is available on the website. The account is great to follow as it keeps you updated about the latest upload of movie torrents on the website. But currently, the account is not active so it’s not beneficial to follow their account. Rarbg should active its twitter account to create awareness about its website as well.


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