About Movierulz


Movierulz is a free website that provides a wide range of content. The website is very famous for streaming online movies. Shows and latest news information. The website offers entertainment content in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Malayalam. This website covers all the niches and provides movies Tamil and Malayalam as well. 

There are many websites on which movies can be enjoyed. Some of the websites require a subscription fee while others are free. There is a limited amount of websites that provide HD quality movies for free and Movierulz is one of them.

This website provides original and dubbed movies that help to cover a wide variety of viewers. The website has gained popularity over time due to the good quality movies and fast streaming lines. The website is preferred by the viewers as it is faster than other websites available. The website provides a wide range of latest and old movies. It is also updated regularly in order to keep the viewers updated and entertained. 

The website has gained popularity because it offers the latest movies before any other website and that too in HD quality. The website provides all kinds and genres of movies that attract all kinds of viewers. The dubbed movies are very difficult to find and this website has a huge range of dubs in different languages.

The website allows the viewers to access the content easily which many other free websites do not have. This website also provides the latest news updates. This is a facility that only a few websites provide and many times that are also not accurate. However, the latest news provided on Movierulz is accurate and the latest. This provides the website with a competitive edge and many viewers are attracted to the website due to this reason. 

The fast streaming lines and the limited amount of pop-up advertisements make it even more popular amongst the viewers. This means that the videos stream within minutes and viewers do not have to wait. Moreover, one of the advertisements are closed before the movie plays, they do not pop-up in between the movie. This allows the viewers to enjoy the movie without any interruption. 

The website is very safe to use and unlike many other websites. Viewers can safely enjoy their favorite movies without any fear of viruses entering their PC and mobile phones. 

Movierulz Reddit

There are many fake accounts on Reddit with the name of movierulz. This has happened due to the immense popularity of the website and it is very difficult to find the original account. However. On one Movierulz original Reddit account, one individual has warned of the Movierulz mirror sites and proxies. As there are many fake sites that seem like the original one. Another individual has told the proxy that can be used in order to open Movierulz in case one gets blocked from the website. This shows that this website might not be very safe to use, as people use proxies to open the website. However, no case of any problem has been reported yet.

Movierulz Twitter

The original Movierulz twitter account is @movierulz_org. Many individuals have tweeted about watching movies on the website while others have tried to compare it with other websites. Some individuals have requested to upload their favorite movies. Others have thanked the website management to upload their favorite movies. Many people have also recommended the website to their friends so they could also enjoy the latest movies. 

On the other hand there are many negative comments about the website as well. As the website uploads the torrents of the latest movies very quickly, some individuals have warned the producers of the movies to take action against the website in order to avoid the pirated versions of the movies.

An individual has also complained about the people crossing in between the torrent. However, as the website aims to provide the latest movies as fast as possible, these things should be ignored. People have also commented that uncensored movies are available on the website and no sign of PG is provided. 

Overall there are mixed reviews on twitter, some people have praised the website while others have recommended for improvements and changes. Some people have also been against the website as they do not use HD quality prints and many of the latest movies available are just torrents. 


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