About Einthusan 


Einthusan is a south Asian hub for movies. It is referred to as number 1 south Asian hub for entertainment content like movies, music etc. It has wide ranges of movies from different movies industries. Einthusan has the largest collection of South Asian movies. There are different categories of south Asian movies available on Einthusan like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Chinese. Einthusan has special features that facilitate the user such as on-demand superior High definition so that user can enjoy high-quality content.

The collection of content on Einthusan consists of 4000+ licensed content which is in different regional languages of India. When you click on the category of content you want to see. The site will open a launcher website of the specific category you have clicked. That page on the website has multiple options of the specific category such as movies, movie clips, music videos, feed, contact and go premium. It has its own functions and benefits. Einthusan allows the user to create an account on their website for registration and login you have to click on login and register. The account helps the user enjoy premium content and enjoy other services as well like high definition movies on demand. The account also saves the user preference and suggests user the content according to his preference. Einthusan provides the facility to user to contact the website. As the user is facing any problem or some other issue it can contact the website team simply.

The user just have to select from the type of issue he is facing and then in the dialogue box the user has to further explain the issue and its optional if the user gives the email he can get the reply of the message he sent on the email. This promotes better communication between the user and the website. Moreover, Einthusan has a social platform that is a useful tab for knowing about movies and music. This tab is named as feed it has the feed of different content of different industries like Tamil, Hindi etc. The content and news related to content are available in various categories like alphabets, cast, year, popularity etc. Einthusan also offers movies that are suggested by the user named as staff picks which help user is selecting a good movie. On Einthusan without login, you cannot watch content so have to register an account to watch the large collection of south Indian movies which is available on Einthusan. Apart from movies, other entertainment content is also available after logging in on the website.

Einthusan Reddit

There is a post regarding the add-ons of Einthusan on Reddit. The post tells the website have now fixed various things like search, list etc. This thing will ultimately enhance the user experience and the user can use the website easily. This shows add-ons are added for the better browsing of the users on the website.

Someone posted looking for the recommendation regarding Bollywood movies in the US. And in reply mostly people recommended Einthusan as it is a good source for watching Bollywood movies. Moreover, the movies are available with subtitles which benefits the people who don’t understand the language in which movie is recorded.

Einthusan Twitter

There is no official Twitter account of Einthusan on twitter however they are present on other social media platforms but they are not available on Twitter. There hashtag #Einthusan is quite popular on twitter as user post different type of tweets on Einthusan on twitter. Some accused Einthusan of being a fraud as they claim to be legal but they don’t buy rights of movies. They cheat customer by talking monthly subscription fees from them. This man was furious on them Einthusan and also warned the team of Einthusan to be ready for the legal action as his team is coming from them.

Apart from this other tweets related to Einthusan were like people thanked Einthusan for the movies and timely posting on the website of the new movies. These users are very happy with the service of the website. The user also posted that they are going to watch certain movies on Einthusan. This shows the strong relation Einthusan has with south Indian movies in the mind of the user.


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