10 Similar Solutions For Movierulz


Better quality solutions for Movierulz that can provide the viewers with good quality entertainment. 

Here is a list of 10 close substitutes to Movierulz that can provide the same or better quality of entertainment as compared to the Movierulz. 


Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment and is a subsidiary of star India. It is an entertainment platform that provides HD quality dramas and movies. It also offers high-quality live streaming of cricket matches and Hindi serials. The platform has a wide range of movies and dramas to offer to viewers. Hotstar provides online streaming media and on-demand video services that allow the viewers to watch the movies and serials of their own choice. 

Hotstar can be accessed online on the web. Not only this, but it is also available on the play store and App store. This allows the viewers to download the application in order to keep themselves entertained anywhere. It is also available on Fire TV and Apple TV. This gives the viewers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite serials and movies on larger screens. This is the feature that is not available on other websites and it gives Hotstar a competitive edge. 

Hotstar does not only provide content in one language but it 17 languages to cover the niche as well. It is one of the greatest entertainment websites in India and has continued to expand ever since it launched. The platform is not only available in India but it provides its premium services in Canada, UK, and many other countries. 

The Hotstar application is widely used to watch cricket matches and it was primarily made for live streaming of matches. This also provides it a competitive edge as other platforms do not offer HD quality live streaming of matches. The application can be accessed free. However the premium version and some content can only be accessed after the payment of a subscription fee. Hotstar is the most popular online platform to enjoy movies, serials and live matches and it has continued to gain popularity since the day it launched. 


Tamilmv provides the viewers to stream online videos and movies. It is a free website and has been running for 18 years. It is amongst the few of the most famous websites. The website has a net worth of $73200 and the relative daily earning of the website is low as compared to many other websites. The website is free of cost and does not require any subscription fees. The earnings of the website come from pop-up advertisements. 

The website offers a huge range of content that includes movies, shows, and serials. Most of the content available is in Tamil language and the main focus of the website is to provide entertainment for Tamil speakers. However, the website also provides content for Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi speakers. The website has gained a lot of fame amongst Tamil speakers. This website is safe to use and causes no threat to users. 

The website provides the latest Tamil movies, Telugu new movies, Tamil new movies, Malayalam new movies, Hindi new movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Telugu dubbed movies, Songs and many other entertainment options. The Tamilmv does not only have one page but many different pages with different extensions that include .biz, .re, .one, .city, .fun etc. 

The website provides HD quality entertainment and also facilitates the viewers with downloading options. The viewers can easily download their favorite content without any difficulty so it could be enjoyed when they are offline. 


Todaypk is a website that provides viewers with a huge variety of content. Not only does the website provide a variety of content but they also have many language options to select from. Viewers can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Punjabi content. This makes it distinct from other websites, as many others do not provide such a huge variety of content. The website also provides dubbed content, for example, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu dubbed in order to cover all the niches. 

The website is updated regularly and is very famous amongst regular users. The website does not only provide live streaming but it offers free downloading options for its viewers. The website provides HD quality online streaming and downloading options. The different types of content available attract viewers from different regions and it makes the website very popular. 

The website is free of cost and the only source of its earning is the pop-up advertisements. The website provides a wide range of movies, serials, and shows. It has been in existence for the past few years and has gained popularity over time. 

The website also has the option of ‘contact us’. This means that viewers can sort their queries and ask for special requests. This is a facility that most of the free platforms do not provide and this gives today a competitive edge. The website has been trying to improve itself with the help of customer feedback from the day it started. 


This is a free website and offers a wide range of latest movies, dramas, and shows. The website offers entertainment in different languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil. This website has a huge range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies that can also be downloaded. 

The movies on this website are categorized according to language and genre that makes it easy for the viewers to find their favorite movie. This website does not provide old movies like others. It only has the latest releases available and is updated frequently in order to keep the viewers up to date. 

This website is only preferable for viewers who want to enjoy the latest movies. Moreover, there have been recent complains about the website due to the extreme amount of pop-up advertisements before and during the movies. Viewers have complained that the website does not work properly and it takes a lot of time to play the movie due to the advertisements. 

However, the website offers good quality torrents and HD quality movies that make the viewers want to use this website. Many viewers also use this website as it is for free and it is difficult to find the latest movies for free. The website is also very safe to use and no fraud or viruses have been reported by any of the viewers. 


As the name of the website suggests, this website provides a huge range of content from Bollywood to Tollywood. This website is very famous amongst the viewers as it has entertainment available for many languages, the major and the minor.

The website provides movies and television shows in Hindi and English dubbing. It also provides Punjabi dubbed, Tamil dubbed and Telugu dubbed movies and shows. Not only this, but the website provides dubs in many other local languages. The dubs are not provided by every other website, and this is a reason the website is unique and different from many others. 

Bolly2Tolly is a free website and does not any kind of subscription fee in order to use it. The website also provides free of cost HD quality downloading. This website is also being called the latest hub for downloading and watching movies and is gaining its popularity every day. 

The website is easy to use and is categorized alphabetically which makes it easy for the viewers to find their favorite movies. Moreover, the latest releases can be easily found on the home page, this makes it easy for the viewers to know about the latest releases.

This website has a very limited amount of pop-up advertisements that allows the viewers to enjoy in peace. The website also has a ‘contact us’ facility. This is provided by a limited number of websites and that too for free. This also allows the website to improve with the help of customer feedback. 


This website also provides its content for free. This website does not only provides content in different languages. The website has Bollywood and Hollywood movies available. It also provides Bollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed into regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi. This covers a wide range of viewers and attracts them towards the website. 

The website has many torrents and some HD quality content. The content quality on the website might not be high but the dubbed movies and the range of different languages make it famous. All the available videos on the website are free and one does not have to pay in order to watch them. Moreover, the website does not require any registration and anyone can use it anytime. It is easy to use and understand. The website offers a wide range of English and Hindi dubbed movies to provide entertainment to a wide range of viewers. 

This website is not as popular as many others. However, it can be a good substitute of other websites. There are pop-up advertisements on the website that can interfere in between the movie, due to which some viewers prefer other websites. 


This website also provides online streaming of movies where viewers can enjoy a huge range of content. This website has Hollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali dubbed movies. Hollywood movies have been dubbed in different regional languages. This provides the viewers with a chance to enjoy Hollywood movies. This website is different and unique from many others. 

Other websites provide Bollywood movies dubbed in regional languages. However, this website provides a huge range of Hollywood movies dubbed to regional languages. This provides this website with a competitive edge as other websites prefer to offer Bollywood over Hollywood. 

The website is also very easy to use. The latest movies pop up on the home screen and the rest can be easily found with the help of the search bar. The viewers can also search for movies with the help of genre. This saves the time of viewers and makes it easy for them to use this website.

This website has a very huge collection of movies available starting from 1970. This is a feature that other websites lack. Other websites remove the old content when adding the new one. This means that viewers can enjoy the old and new content on this website. This also attracts those who are just interested to watch old movies. The website is safe to use and no viruses have been reported when using this website. Moreover, the website is completely free and does not require any subscription charges. This website is also safe to use and no fraud or viruses have been reported with the use of it.


As the name of the website suggests, this website provides a wide range of Telugu content. This website provides high-quality Telugu audio and video torrents. This website does not cover the mass and online provides content for Telugu speakers and listeners. However, this website has a great amount of new and old Telugu content and regular viewers find it to be the best website to listen to Telugu audio and video. 

The website is free of cost and the viewers do not have to pay any subscription or registration charges in order to watch content on this website. The website is also very easy to operate and anyone can easily operate it without any difficulty. As soon as the website is opened the latest uploaded content appears on the screen.

Viewers can select from it or take help from the search bar to find the content of their own choice. This allows the viewers to select what they want to watch. The website also provides the viewers with the option to easily browse the website. They can also view only the pictures and can also view the details to read about the video.

The website mainly offers torrents. Torrents are not of HD quality and this deprives the viewers to watch videos in good quality. However, the website has old and new content and it is amongst the very few websites that only provide entertainment content for Telugu listeners. This website is not a very good substitute of Movierulz as it does not provide a wide range of languages and only provides content in Telugu. 


This is a different service as compared to other websites and platforms. This is a device box that is attached to the television in order to provide entertainment. This service works on subscription charges but provides one of the best entertainment services. 

The box TV claims to provide the best IPTV subscriptions in the market. On a limited amount of subscription fee, viewers can watch their favorite channels and that too in the comfort of their own homes. This device provides worldwide access on multiple platforms. It is compatible with Amazon fire stick, Amazon TV, Smart TVs, Smartphones and tablets. The box TV team provides one of the best customer services that any other platform or website does not provide. 

With the help of Box TV, one can enjoy the shows and channels of their own choice, in their comfort zones. It can be used anywhere as it is compatible with all kinds of devices. It is entertainment on the go. 

Box TV is very easy to set up and the customer services team guides on every step of installation which makes it very easy. The device is also very easy to use and provides entertainment o0f all types that include TV shows, serials, latest news, old and new movies in a variety of languages, cricket matches and all types of channels. Moreover, individuals only pay for what they watch and the fees are minimal which makes the device very efficient.

This is amongst the safest options for entertainment and there is no chance of any hacking or viruses when using it. This method of entertainment might be a bit expensive as compared to free websites, but it is reliable and provides only HD quality performance. There is also no kind of pop-up advertisements that would interrupt the views while watching their favorite movie or show.  


YuppTV is a private website but it is registered and can be accessed easily. The website offers a wide range of entertainment in many different languages that include Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Sinhalese, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Oriya, Urdu and English. This is a website that provides for a mass and covers a great number of target audiences. 

The website was found in 2006 in India. However, it gained popularity over time and now it has expanded its operations and has established its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The website provides Live TV, catch-up TV, TV shows and movies and has an immense amount of content to entertain the viewers. The website provides over 300 channels in different languages. 

YuppTV is not a free website and requires a subscription in order to use it. However, a single subscription enables users to access through 25 devices and six screens. This means that smart TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets can all be connected at the same time. The website provides a wide range of unlimited movies and in varied genres. It features movies from the most famous platforms that include Eros International, UTV movies, Shree International, Reliance Movies. These add to the quality experience available on the website. 

An additional feature provided by YuppTV is an STB called SCOPE. This allows regular TVs to be converted into smart ones and creates ease for the viewers. Moreover, all the content provided on the website is in HD quality and there is no kind of pop-up advertisements that may interrupt the viewers while watching their favorite shows. 

This platform is also amongst the safest options for entertainment and provides quality entertainment for the viewers at minimal rates. The platform also has great customer service and viewers can easily contact them for any kind of queries.


There are many different and successful substitutes for Moviesrulz. As viewers have been recently facing some problems with using the website, they can easily shift to the substitutes without any difficulty. Moreover, the substitute platform like Hotstar and Box TV is way more reliable than Movierulz.

It also provides a wide variety of features that include an application for Apple and Android users and can also be used with smart TVs. No other platforms provide applications. Platforms like Hotstar and Box TV are also safer to use as compared to Movierulz. These options might be a bit expensive but are safe.

Viewers on a budget can also enjoy a great amount of content on platforms such as Tamil MV and Online Movies Gold for free.  As these also have great content in HD quality and are also safe to use.


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